Stacey Executive Stylist

Ladies and gentlemen, our girl Stacey does it all: color, cuts, and waxing! You name it, there’s nothing this rocking’ mama hasn’t seen! A veteran behind the chair since 2013, Stacey doesn’t consider this a career; it’s a way of life! Blending creative release with personal style gives her an enormous amount of personal satisfaction and it shows with every smiling, gorgeous face that comes into her fold. Since successfully raising two children of her own, Stacey now pursues her other passions: travel, music, and reading. She hopes in her future to be the octogenarian badass that everyone wants to live vicariously through. But be warned: she’s likely to inspire you to do the same. You can see some of her amazing work on her Instagram @stacey_vivabella.


“Stacey is unapologetically herself and is beyond talented”

“Stacey is always willing to help out and share her knowledge”

“Stacey is always herself, which everyone loves!”