Sarah Master Stylist

Viva’s first Diva, Sarah, has been transforming tresses behind the chair since 2001. She’s got a weakness for Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream and dreams of traveling to just about anywhere – but don’t we all? She’s a pro with color services, and loves meeting new people and talking her way to new friends. Outside of the salon, you’ll find her making memories with her friends and family or shopping! She loves helping her clients feel more confident and she’ll say that she’s inspired by strong and independent women, but we know better: she’s at the top of that list already. She prefers clients to reach out to the salon to book with her, but you can peep her work on her Instagram @sarah_vivabellasalon.


“Sarah makes everyone feel at home.”

“Sarah always has a great/entertaining story to tell.”

“Sarah is always wearing a smile.”