Dalena Master Stylist

Inspired by talented artists Larisa Love and Jacob Khan, Dalena has been perfecting her craft since 2013. As one of the salon’s Kerastase brand ambassadors, she is truly knowledgeable about products and techniques, and her ability to evaluate what is best for her clients is second to none. She’s a real hair whisperer! Dalena enjoys cutting hair of any texture and loves making her clients feel beautiful. She’s happy to answer any questions for you @dalena_vivabellasalon. When Dalena isn’t creating beautiful looks for her clients (and let’s face it, a good portion of her fellow Divas too,) she’s spending time with her friends and dog, Benji.


“Dalena is a down to earth person and an amazing stylist.”

“Dalena connects well with her clients.”

“Dalena works hard at what she does and does it well!”